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Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well-being. It is sometimes used in combination with massage and other therapeutic techniques as part of a holistic treatment approach, as well as the making of soaps, scrubs and more


Aromatherapy has been a part of human life for over 3500 years as it has appeared in food, medicines etc.   However India was one of the first to actually use the benefits of aromatherapy in treating people holistically.  And throughout history to modern times, different cultures have used Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is possibly todays most popular complementary therapies, as it offers the ability using essential oils on the body that can be via inhalers, massage, soaps waxes and an endless list.  


The Essential Oils Guide

An A - Z of essential oils packed full of essential oils for ailments, tips and useful information. Suitable for home use or for therapists who are qualified or in training. The book covers 36 oils and covers the criteria required to complete VTCT level 3 Aromatherapy qualification. The book covers therapeutic properties of the oils for the emotions and physical ailments of the body, listed by body system. It is full of tips, useful charts, glossary, the classification of notes for each oil, blending ratio chart, chemical constituents, various ways to use the oils, what to look for when purchasing essential oils, safety guidelines and more. This book is not a book of recipes or suggested blends but it does contain some tips and suggestions on how to select oils for your own blends or to use the oils singly. The book does, however, contain some suggested blends that have been used by the author for some ailments. Each of the oils are listed alphabetically and contain useful information about their aroma, their note, plant name & family, extraction method, its main chemical constituent, properties, physical benefits (listed by body system type) & emotional benefits; & for all level 3 aromatherapy students, it lists the objective of the oil to help you select oils for your case studies (i.e., relaxation, balancing, uplift/stimulate & stress relief.)

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