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Getting to know your essential oils

🌻How can you learn about essential oils?

This is a question asked by many of my students!

How do you get to know all the oils, there are so many!

There is so much information out there on essential oils, how do we learn it all and retain that information?

Here are a few things to consider, and why not make your own A-Z?

🌻Buy a notebook and dedicate it specifically to your knowledge and research on essential oils

🌻use index cards and file them alphabetically in an index box

🌻Use a rolladex

🌻Create a spreadsheet on your computer

🌻Use sticky notes to help you learn

So, what things can you look at when learning about each oil?

Firstly, try not to learn too many oils in a short space of time, it will only get confusing.

Take an oil and work with it for a few days, a week, for instance:

🌻What does it smell like to you? Is it floral? Citrussy? Woody? Minty? Herby? Sweet? Sharp? Musky? Light? Heavy?

🌻What colour is it?

🌻What is the consistency? Is it thick and gloopy, is it thin and runny (this is worth knowing when measuring your drops as to how quickly the oil with come out of the bottle. I find with the thick oils they wont pass through the dropper, so I remove it and use a glass pipette to remove.

🌻How does the oil make you feel when you smell it?

🌻Have you used the oil before, what are your experiences with using this oil? What results did you get from using the oil?

🌻What are the benefits of using the oil? Emotionally and physically?

🌻Is the oil expensive?

🌻Is it a top, middle or base note?

🌻What part is it from? Petals, bark etc?

🌻What type is it? Floral, citrus, woody, herb?

🌻What are the chemical constituents in this oil? Ester, Phenol etc

🌻What is the method of extraction?

🌻What precautions are there for using this oil? Contra-Indications?

Make your own notes and leave scope to add to this as you learn more and more about the oils such as:

What ailments you have used the oils for and the results?

🌻What oils did it blend well with?

Free downloadable profile sheet you can use to fill out for each oil. Click here for my free aromatherapy resources -

Thank you for reading

Karen xx

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