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What products & equipment do i need for Aromatherapy?

Tools & Equipment

Here is a list of some recommended items we use when we are taking our students through our Level 3 Aromatherapy course.

Some may even be available in your house / kitchen already, so you can save your pennies.

When I first started out, I bought as much as I could, then later realised that some items weren't needed :-)

I am a sucker for a pretty bowl to put my massage blend in when using on a client ;-)

  • Essential oils kit

  • Carrier oils

  • Dish to blend oils in (either glass or ceramic, such as a Gu cheesecake dish, or a small Chinese / dip bowl, I am sure you may find one in your kitchen)

  • Stirrer (a teaspoon is fine unless you have anything else suitable, can be glass, metal, ceramic)

  • small measuring jug (needs to be able to measure from 5/10MLs)

  • roller bottles

  • nasal inhalers

  • flannel / hand towel (Compress)

  • bowl for water (i.e., mixing bowl / bowl used for facials if you offer them)

  • oil burner / diffuser if you have one

  • dead sea salt / Himalayan salts

  • Jar

Here are a few links to suggested items:

Here are some snaps of my kit so you can see some of the items i use.


Good for creams, butters & Scrubs

Measuring Jugs

If you buy a kit you may get a small measuring jug with it. Here i have a plastic lipped one and a glass one.

Some kitchen stores sell these. I think they are super cute.


Here i have a mini funnel which is perfect for pouring a blend into a small bottle or roller bottle. I have a glass pipette (prefer these to the plastic ones).

I also have an amazing tool for removing the droppers lids (saves breaking your nails), mine came with my aromatherapy carry case,

but you can buy them on Amazon. Go for the metal ones not the plastic ones, they seem a bit more robust.

Nasal Inhaler

An amazing method of using aromatherapy, for both sinuses, and emotions. My students love these and use them alot.

You can buy them on Purple Flame and also Amazon in packs, in a variety of colours.

Bowl & Stirrer

One of my many ceramic bowls, and a ceramic spoon. The spoon i use for stirring blends and also for spooning salts into and out of a jar.

Roller Bottle

Another amazing method of using aromatherapy, again, my students love these.

They come in a variety of colours and pack sizes.

Great for pulse points, or a bit of perfume (for a stronger blend)

Other storage container options

These are good for storing creams, lotions, lip balms, bath or massage oils.

If you are going to use the product over any length of time, i recommend using dark colour storage containers,

as the aromatherapy products will last longer. I.e., amber bottles (or cobalt blue bottles are attractive)

Spray bottles are good for room or linen sprays, linen sprays, face spritz, pillow spray. Your very own febreze in a bottle.

Trolley set up idea

So I hope you are inspired to go shopping now, (sorry bank balance) this is just the start,

and there is no end to what you can do with your amazing aromatherapy skills.

Before I leave you, all excited, I am going to share a few base products that you can delve into, and experiment with too. Just one snippet of advice, is you will be forever learning new ways of using your oils, and this will go way beyond my journey with you.

There are base creams, lotions and gels you can use.

There are butters, balms and waxes you can use.

There are foam bath, shower gels, shampoo & conditioner bases you can use.

There are clays, salts, vitamin E extracts, and so much more to make masks, scrubs, serums.

Lip balms are another idea, not to mention soaps, candles and wax melts

I have masterclasses available or coming soon in how to make products, as well as getting them ready for manufacturing and marketing your products. Check out my shop, register yourself for my free masterclass and i will keep you up to date with all new masterclasses when they are released.


Here are some suppliers and brands of aromatherapy products and essential oils that you could explore

Essential Oils Direct -

Purple Flame -

Oils 4 Life -

The Soap Kitchen -

Naissance -

Mystic Moments -

A couple of the suppliers also sell via Amazon if you have Amazon Prime, its a great way to restock on one or two oils and not pay postage or have to purchase a minimum order. Do check each supplier before buying and ensure they are reputable sellers and have the right ethos for you.

All I can say is I really hope you enjoy this journey, as much as I have, and still do.

Karen xx

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