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Odour intensities of essential oils

🌻Each oil has its own odour intensity

🌻This can be partly to do with its evaporation rate

🌻Top notes are usually more volatile and more intense

🌻Some oils may require you to wait patiently before you can ‘sense it’ within the blend

🌻One way to learn about this in more depth is to practice inhaling several oils and compare their intensity (not all in one go ;-) )

🌻Everyone’s smell preference and intensity of oil will vary

🌻If an essential oils odour is intense, then you may need to use smaller quantities so it does not overpower a blend

🌻With this in mind, add half the amount of the intense oil first, then add the other oils one by one and assess as you go

🌻If you are blending for immediate use, i.e., for an aromatherapy massage, the top notes will be more apparent on application

🌻But when the oils have ‘lived’ with each other for a while, in a blend to use at a later date, then the less intense notes will start to become more apparent

Thank you for reading :-)

Karen xx

The Aromatherapy Geek

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