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Anti-viral essential oil blend

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. It's such an unsettling time for us all at the moment (March 2020), and many people have said to me they are currently starting to notice and appreciating the little things in life, and how we may have taken our health, our family, our work, everything, for granted. As bad as this all is, we are all in this together, and whilst we don't know how long this will last, what is going to happen, etc etc, we have to remain optimistic as much as we possibly can, and do our bit to help kick this virus's butt as soon as we can.

As an advanced aromatherapist, i thought i would let you know about an anti-viral blend i would recommend. You never know, it might help ward the germs off. We can but try these things.

My recommended blend is Eucalyptus, Lavender & Cinnamon.

For my avid aromatherapy students / therapists, this is a perfect blend of top, middle and base notes (Eucalytpus - top, Lavender - middle & Cinnamon - base)

These oils can be used together, or individually, if you prefer.

So, what may these oils help with?


Eucalyptus can help with clearing your head and cooling your emotions, so in this time of uncertainty, this oil may be beneficial. Eucalyptus is said to have strong anti-viral properties and can help with respiratory tract problems, such as any inflammatory conditions, flu, throat infections, coughs. It can also help with asthmatic conditions and could help in lowering a temperature.


Lavender too can help with respiratory issues such as asthma, colds, throat infections and its antiviral properties can help with keeping infections at bay. Lavender can also have a positive effect on our mental state too, helping us to feel calmer and less depressed.


Cinnamon is said to have strong antiseptic and tonic properties, again, helping with respiratory tract issues, such as flu, viral infections, and helping to ease breathing difficulties. Cinnamon can also help when feeling exhausted, weak and depressed.

What can we do with these oils?

* We can add a couple drops of each to water in an oil burner

* We can add a couple drops of each to our bath water. Always dilute in oil or full fat milk first, otherwise the drops of essential oil will sit on the surface of the water, and could cause skin burns!!

* We can add a couple drops of each to a handkerchief to inhale (i wouldnt add the drops directly to your pillow, as the odour will eventually go stale and if it soaks into your pillow, it will linger for a while)

* You could add a couple drops of each to a bowl of hot water and place a towel over your head and inhale the steam

* If you have some massage oil, add a couple of drops of each to 10ml of carrier / massage oil, such as grapeseed oil, or almond oil (careful you dont have any nut allergies) and massage into the soles of your feet. The skin on our hands and feet are highly porous, so the oils will absorb into your skin alot quicker. And in reflexology terms, if you concentrate on applying it to the balls of your feet (below your toes) this is the chest and lungs area of your feet :-)


Be careful using these oils if you have any of the following:

~ Sensitive skin (best to avoid cinnamon)

~ If you are pregnant (do not use cinnamon throughout pregnancy, and avoid lavender in the first trimester)

~ Prone to fitting / convulsions (Do not use cinnamon)

~ If you have high blood pressure (avoid eucalpytus)

~ If you are epileptic (Avoid eucalytpus)

~ If you are prone to low blood pressure (avoid lavender)

I have made nasal inhaler blends of these oils today for my family :-)

Stay safe everyone

Karen x

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