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Stress sucks! Ways to reduce stress

Following on from my vlog and podcast based on 'Stress sucks', I have put together this action plan of ways to reduce.

You may be able to implement one, or hopefully, many of these to help with stress relief.

Ways to reduce stress


  • It is advisable to work no more than 10 hours a day

  • You should take at least 1 ½ days off from work per week

  • If you are unhappy at work, look at your options to improve or change this, we all have options!! i.e. new job, change of career, re-training


  • It is advisable to allow at least ½ hour in order to eat at mealtimes, giving time to consume and for the digestion process to start without ‘eating on the go’

  • Eat your food slowly and chew your food well, try not to talk while chewing, as this causes air intake and can cause indigestion while eating

  • Look at your eating patterns

  • Eat a diet balanced with vitamins and minerals


  • Listen to relaxation music

  • Practice meditation or relaxation techniques daily, ideally twice a day for 15 mins per session

Slow down

  • Try to slow down your pace in daily activities, such as, talking, eating, walking


  • Smile and have a cheery nature towards colleagues, friends & family

Time off

  • Take at least one holiday per year, where you take a break from your daily activities


  • Try and take physical exercise at least 3 x 20 minutes per week

  • Yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates are all great de-stressing forms of exercise

Fresh Air

  • It is important to get fresh air daily, 10 minutes per day if possible

  • Being outdoors will also give you a dose of UV rays, which gives you vitamin D


  • Seek professional advice if you are experiencing emotional upsets, such as relationship problems.

  • Express your feelings openly.

  • Do not act with hostility towards others


  • Find a hobby to spend your leisure time doing, try to choose a hobby that is non-competitive as this could create more stress for you.


  • Having regular massages can help for stress relief as well as helping with muscle tension

The Mind

  • Don’t dwell on the past, what’s done is done!

  • Equally, do not focus too much on the future, as this can lead to uncertainties, causing anxiety

  • Concentrate on the here and now.

Time Management

  • Work methodically through your tasks, completing one before starting another. This will be more satisfying as you will be able to see what you have achieved.

  • Avoid multi-tasking excessively

  • Do not set unrealistic deadlines

  • Prioritise your tasks so you work through the important tasks first, and remember, there is always tomorrow!


  • Do not become dependent on drugs, alcohol, smoking or other methods of dependants to lift your mood.


  • Take responsibility for your actions

  • Don’t pass the buck, by blaming others

I hope these have provided you with some ways to help manage your stress.

Here are just a few essential oils that could be helpful with stress

Thank you for reading, until next time

Karen xx

Karen Ashton Author – Podcaster, Author, Teacher, Mentor

Holistic Therapies Training Academy – Beauty, Massage, Complementary Therapies, Sports & Fitness Courses

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