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The 3 MIT's

Your 3 daily MIT's

Is your to do list so long you have lists of lists? Does it overwhelm you how many different hats you need to wear to manage your business? Let's face it, its not just about being a therapist, you need to manage your accounting, marketing, admin, bookings, enquiries, promotional material, stock, training & CPD, policies & insurance, to name a few.

Automation of systems can help so much nowadays, so if you haven't tried these automated systems, then its definitely worth looking into, such as booking systems, automated social media posts, newsletters, email replies. This is a whole different area to explore, but for now, this does not completely eradicate all the tasks needed for everything to run smoothly.

If you cannot automate or delegate then you need to keep on top of things, including your time management, tasks and goals.

I'm very much responsible for not delegating enough & do most things myself which can be overwhelming, not to mention exhausting. However, one business tool i learnt to use many years ago has been so helpful in keeping me on track and focused.

This tool is the '3 daily MITs'. MIT stands for Most Important Task & each day i make a list of the 3 most important tasks that i need to achieve that day.

I know, I know, i hear you saying, but i have way more than 3 things to do each day & this is not to say, don't do more than 3 tasks, but these are tasks that will have a positive impact on your business. These tasks, once completed, at the end of the day will bring you a sense of achievement. With your business moving in the right direction. To help you choose your 2 MIT's, It is good to have an idea of your main focal point of your business, what goal you are aiming for? What tasks will generate income / bookings for you? What tasks will help your business to continue running smoothly? What tasks, once completed, will bring you a sense of achievement? These tasks aren't necessarily going to include your normal daily jobs you do, such as answering emails, daily social media posting.

Write your 3 MIT's in your diary each day, or in your online calendar. Put sticky notes on your computer.

For more business tools, click here - BUSINESS TOOLS

Keep focused, prioritise and be productive :-)

Karen x

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