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Ginger & Lemon for joint pain

I have suffered from hip joint pain for nearly 4 years now, and after many appointments with doctors, consultants and physiotherapists, i was finally diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis and ulcerated bone in my right hip. Autumn of last year, i was finally referred to a Devon hospital for a hip replacement, after being turned down by doctors on several occasions. The wait for surgery was 12 months, so my husband self-referred me to a small private hospital that took NHS patients, what an amazing service! He self-referred me in December, I attended a pre-op appointment at the end of January, and my operation took place on March 22nd 2019! Amazing service and i am now in my 3rd week of recovery and doing well.

But, what did i do to get me through the joint pain before the op? Ginger and Lemon was my answer! I stayed away from pain killer medication as much as i could and 'went cold turkey', but to help me through this i would make up a blend of ginger and lemon essential oils with either grapeseed or sweet almond oil and i would massage it onto my hip.

Ginger is a great anti-inflammatory oil and good for muscular and joint pain. Lemon oil is a great detoxifying oil and helped to take those toxins away from the area. Lemon oil is also an uplifting & cooling oil so in those times when the pain and restriction of movement got me down, the Lemon oil would give me a boost. Ginger oil is also warming to the emotions and helped in times when i felt down.

Instead of using essential oils, i sometimes used fresh ginger, crushed into a pulp and mixed with fresh lemon juice. The mixture was then applied to my hip and i drank the rest, so it would take affect internally and externally.

I hope this helps anyone suffering with joint pain

Karen Ashton x

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